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9 Genius Places To Keep Your Nutrafol


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By Maria Fischer2020-01-26

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Starting Nutrafol means you’ve committed to taking control of your hair health and improving your wellness from within. You’re already on the path to success, but the key to staying on track is remembering to take your full Nutrafol dose (four capsules) every single day.

Forgetting to take your Nutrafol one time won’t make you instantly lose the results you’ve been seeing, but constantly skipping your doses can limit your progress. If you’re worried about remembering to take your supplements every day, don’t worry: With the right storage strategies in place, it’s surprisingly easy to remember to take them. Consider these creative places to store your Nutrafol so you never forget to take your supplements.

Keep your Nutrafol…

1. Where you eat

For maximum absorption of fat soluble ingredients like beta carotene and vitamin D, Nutrafol physicians recommend taking the supplements with foods that have at least six grams of healthy fat. (Think: half an avocado, a spoonful of nut butter, a handful of nuts, a cup of yogurt, a smoothie, etc.) Because Nutrafol should be taken with food, it makes sense to store your supplements where you eat. Keep a bottle in your kitchen pantry or put the pills in the lunch container you take to work. Also try to get in the routine of taking Nutrafol with the same meal every day, whether that’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It makes it easier to stay on track if you take your supplements at the same time each day.

2. With the rest of your skin care and beauty products

The kitchen isn’t the only place to keep a Nutrafol bottle. Nutrafol is an important part of your skin and hair wellness regimen, so consider storing a bottle with the rest of your beauty products. Make taking your supplements part of your skin care routine; every time you use your creams or serums, take your four Nutrafol pills.

(Bonus: With its sleek packaging, a Nutrafol bottle makes a chic addition to any bathroom shelf or vanity.)

3. Next to things you have to take or use daily

If you don’t have a set skin care routine or eating schedule, then keep Nutrafol in a place with other supplements or medications that you remember to take every single day, such as birth control pills, or next to something that you have to use every day, like your toothbrush or phone charger. Whenever you go to take your medications or reach for these items, take your Nutrafol.

4. On your work desk

You spend a significant portion of your day at work, so it’s smart to have a bottle of Nutrafol at the office. Place the bottle on your desk, not tucked away in a drawer, to keep it visible. If your Nutrafol pills are right in front of you for eight hours each day, it’s less likely you’ll forget to take your daily dose.

5. In your everyday bag

If you’re someone who’s always on the go, put your Nutrafol in the bag that you always take with you. That way wherever you go, your Nutrafol goes, too. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to grab your supplements from your tote to take them.

6. In an eye-catching pill case

With compartments for each day, pill cases are a great way to stay organized and keep track of your dosages. You can find pill cases in bright colors or fun shapes to make taking your supplements an enjoyable part of your day. Keep the pill case in your medicine cabinet, at work, or in a bag that you use often.

7. In your gym bag

If you’re someone who makes it a point to go to the gym several times a week, then you should keep a bottle in your duffle bag. Add Nutrafol to the end of your exercise routine. You can take your supplements after powering through a workout with a post-gym smoothie or power bar.

8. Where you practice self-care

At home, put together a special space that you can retreat to after work, even if it’s for just a few minutes. Keep a yoga mat, a salt lamp, your Nutrafol — anything that helps you relax and feel healthy and strong from the inside out. Make it a priority to visit this self-care spot every day and do things that make you feel good, including taking your Nutrafol.

9. In your travel bag

If you’re a frequent traveler, make sure you stash a bottle in your carry-on bag or luggage. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to realize you forgot your supplements. Keeping Nutrafol in your travel bag ensures you’ll always have your hair-boosting supplements on-hand, no matter where in the world you are.


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