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There’s always been a deeper purpose to the work we do at Nutrafol. It’s never simply been about changing what you see in the mirror—our mission, from the very beginning, has been rooted in a commitment to helping people become their best selves by promoting physical and emotional well-being.

After disrupting the hair growth industry with our unique whole-body approach, we knew there was potential to do so much more. Conversations with leading dermatologists and skin experts opened our eyes to the innovation we could bring to another area of concern: women’s acne.

Like hair thinning, acne can be an overwhelming and highly stressful issue. Our team has experienced it firsthand, and we’ve heard countless stories from friends and family, too. We felt it was our responsibility to create a product that would alleviate this burden for those who have been struggling with acne for years.

Nutrafol Skin is the result of years of dedication to transforming acne care for the better. We couldn’t be more excited by the impact it’s had so far—and we can’t wait for you to try it for yourself.

Giorgos Tsetis
Nutrafol Co-Founder and CEO

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Formulated for women 18+ with mild to moderate, non-cystic acne.

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