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Meet The De-Stress Hair Growth Kit

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By DR. KALI OLSEN, ND2020-10-23

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There are multiple underlying issues that contribute to hair thinning, but there’s one that almost everyone experiences: stress

“I truly believe that all hair thinning is multifactorial, so you can have different root causes and stress will almost always contribute,” says Dr. Sophia Kogan, MD, co-founder and chief medical advisor of Nutrafol. That’s why Nutrafol created the De-Stress Hair Growth Kit with natural ingredients to provide extra support against today’s stressful environment and its effects on our hair.

What’s in the De-Stress Hair Growth Kit?

The De-Stress Hair Growth Kit ($89 per month) includes a one-month supply of Nutrafol’s award-winning hair growth supplement (4 capsules per day) and targeted Stress Adaptogen booster (2 capsules per day) for extra support. 

The De-Stress Hair Growth Kit is available in three options for men, women, and women experiencing menopause.

“Nutrafol is clinically shown to improve hair growth within three to six months,” notes Dr. Kogan. By combining the core Nutrafol supplement with the Stress Adaptogen, you get three more stress-fighting ingredients in your daily regimen. “This blend of standardized adaptogens balances stress hormones and helps you recover from stress quicker,” says Dr. Kogan.

While Nutrafol contains the stress-fighting power of ashwagandha, the Stress Adaptogen booster adds another level of adaptogenic botanicals with the trifecta of rhodiola, reishi, and schisandra. These natural ingredients have all been shown to help support a healthy overall stress response for people struggling with stress and hair thinning.

Who is the kit for? 

If your stress has become higher than usual or you’re experiencing hair thinning from stress, this kit is for you. The combination of Nutrafol and the Stress Adaptogen booster helps combat stress and hair thinning while covering the bases for hair health, growth, and wellness.

Especially today, many of us are dealing with chronic (aka long-term) stress and the effects are showing up in our hair. According to The New York Times, doctors are seeing a “huge increase in patients who have been shedding abnormal amounts of hair” due to pandemic stress and this year’s mentally taxing climate. 

Some examples of chronic stressors include: 

  • A toxic relationship or work environment
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Financial difficulties
  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Being constantly on-the-go

When you deal with these stressors on a daily basis, your cortisol response becomes overstimulated and it can throw off your hair growth cycle and lead to noticeable hair shedding and thinning. 

Trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals and formulated with medical-grade nutraceuticals like curcumin, saw palmetto, marine collagen, and ashwagandha, Nutrafol is your hair’s first line of defense against the root causes (hormones, nutrition, metabolism, environment, stress) of hair thinning. For those with higher stress levels, the Stress Adaptogen booster swoops in as your second line of defense against hair thinning from stress as a root cause.

How long does it take to work?

One to three months: Most people using the Nutrafol De-Stress Hair Growth Kit notice stress reduction in their first month. This is thanks to the stress adaptogens going to work on lowering your cortisol levels and building resistance to stress. Consistent users of adaptogens have reported better energy, improvements to mood and sleep, better concentration, and more focus in their daily tasks. 

Three to six months: With the ingredients in both Nutrafol and the Stress Adaptogen booster balancing your stress levels, the stage for hair growth and reduced hair shedding is set. By months three to six, look out for changes in hair growth, thickness, and strength. Bonus: Ingredients like collagen, resveratrol, vitamin A, and vitamin C will produce amazing side benefits for your nails and skin, too. 

Tyler, age 40, saw hair growth around her temples after six months of using the Nutrafol De-Stress Hair Growth Kit.

The key to great results is consistency. Here’s how to take your supplements and stay on track. 

  • Take your four Nutrafol capsules once a day with food
  • Take your two Stress Adaptogen capsules once a day on an empty stomach 
  • If you miss a day, don’t stress: get right back on track the next day and stay consistent 
  • Keep your supplements in a place where you’ll remember to take them every day
  • Set an alarm in your phone so you don’t forget 
  • Join our community by following us on Instagram, bookmarking our blog, and subscribing to emails from our team of hair wellness experts
  • Contact us any time if you need help or have a question
  • Tip: Nutrafol capsules can easily be opened and added to cold foods. Click here for tips on adding Nutrafol to your smoothies and more

Sticking to daily use ensures you’re continuing to send your body the right messages about how to better handle stress, coaxing it further along the path to a healthy stress response and stronger, fuller hair.  

What real users are saying

Over 50,000 people are growing with Nutrafol, and we get to hear from them every day through our customer service team and staff of naturopathic doctors. Here’s what users are saying about their results with the De-Stress Hair Growth Kit. 

Nutrafol Women and Stress Adaptogen was the perfect combination for me. I noticed growth around my temples after three months.
Neda, 34
Since taking Nutrafol Men and the Stress Adaptogen, my hair hasn't been on my mind a lot, which is a good thing! I feel like my hair is filling out. It's like Nutrafol is my safety net.
Myles, 30
I started taking Nutrafol Women and the Stress Adaptogen in June 2019, and 14 months later, my hair is unbelievably longer, fuller, shinier, and healthier overall ... Now I'm able to style my hair in so many different ways and I don't have to worry about it looking thin or dull.
Cheyenne, 23

Ready to take control of stress and start your hair growth journey with Nutrafol?

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