Liver Support

With ingredients that help reduce oxidative stress and neutralize damaging toxins.

We’re unique beings.

But there’s one thing we all have in common: Our hair grows healthiest when our bodies are functioning optimally. Power your hair growth potential by supporting your body in the all the ways you need it most with Targeted Boosters added to your GrowthPlan®—the perfect complement to your Core formula. Find yours by taking our Hair Wellness Evaluation.


Love your liver and it’ll love you back. Your liver plays a role in over 500 processes in the body including metabolizing toxins, nutrients and hormones helpful for hair growth. Feeling a little lackluster inside and out? Your liver may need some love.

More about science
  • Get your detox on

    This formula contains detoxifying botanicals known to support healthy liver processing.

  • Antioxidant action

    Formulated with antioxidant herbs known to support liver health, combat free radicals and increase antioxidant defenses in the body.

  • Harmonize your hormones

    We constantly encounter toxins that can harm our mitochondria and disrupt hormones that are needed for proper hair production. A healthy liver can better process these toxins to maintain hormone health.

  • Whole-body benefits

    When liver health is supported you’re more likely to experience positive energy, glowing skin and more comfortable digestion.

Growth-minded ingredients

Artichoke, milk thistle, and yellow dock are a triple threat to toxins and help combat free radical damage. These powerful herbs help protect the liver and promote a healthy metabolism. Beet root delivers potent antioxidant activity that supports the work of the detoxifiers in this blend. By clearing toxins, your hair is free to grow.

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Milk Thistle


Artichoke Extract


Yellow Dock

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